Why do planets move and what makes them move???

Why do planets move???

Planets move clockwise around the sun, because the gas that originally formed the Solar System was spinning, but the gas that wasn’t spinning fell into something called the ‘Proto-Sun’. Our planets formed from these gases and matter that were spinning enough to fall into orbit. Once the planets were in orbit, there was no reason as to why they could stay there, therefore they orbited around the sun. The Solar System is so vast, that the expansion of the Universe has very little and minimal affect.

Each planet also has an axis. All of our planets rotate around these axis and also revolves around the sun.

What keeps the planets in orbit???

 The sun’s gravity and energy is what keeps the planets in orbit. All of the planets travel fast enough around the sun, but not to fast, therefore it keeps the planets in a continuous orbit.

 Who first discovered how the planets move???

Johannes Kepler was the first to explain just how the planet’s orbit around the sun. He discovered that planets move in an elliptical, not circular, orbits. He came up with three laws of Planetary Motion. The first law says that the planets orbits are ellipses, with the sun a stationary point of focus. The second law says a line connecting the planet to the sun, will sweep over equal areas in equal amounts of time. This still applies even when the Earth is in its elliptical orbit. The third law is an equation which explains the distance between a planet from the sun and the lenght of its revolutionary period


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